Horizon Life Training gives people who have turned their lives around a second chance through the transforming power of the Christian faith. Horizon gives them the opportunity to acquire skills and prove their new found ability to cope with the disciplines of the workplace.

The programme consists of 12 months residential skills training at Kennel Hall Farm in North Yorkshire in agriculture, joinery, landscaping and catering, providing life changing skills. The amazing journey of transformation is what sits at the heart of Horizon Life Training.

Fifteen graduates per year will finish their learning program with various certificates and qualifications in trade and farming skills.
Work experience and full time employment opportunities for our students with local farms and businesses partnering with Horizon Life Training.
The students will do voluntary work within the local community providing labour and skills for various community initiatives.
The training program will contribute towards sustainable economic growth and social inclusion in the area by developing a locally skilled workforce.
The students will experience personal development in areas of self esteem and self belief enabling them to make lasting changes and thus lead more positive and productive lives.
Increasing the necessary skills required for the local farming and agricultural industry by adding more skilled and willing people to local labour resources.
Ongoing friendship and support to a vulnerable and marginalized people group.
Co-ordinated strategic business and third sector partnerships coming together to tackle local issues of unemployment, skills training and social issues.
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